How to deal with… Open Space?

This year PAM Summit is organized as an Open Space Conference to give participants more opportunities to engage in discussion about dealing with requirements.

We decided on this method as it is suitable for groups of people who want to create a platform for sharing ideas they feel passionate about , are genuinely interested in and committed to solve the given problem or gather ideas in more flexible and effective way.

Origins of open space conference

Open space is not new but is not as popular as effective and beneficial it is for participants.

In 1983 Harrison Owen organised and international conference for 250 people. At the end of the event, which took a year to organise, the participants agreed that although the conference was a success, the most inspiring conversations took place during the coffee breaks.That inspired him to develop a method, which would be both engaging, as a coffee break conversation, and substantive as good business meeting. A method that would be based on the core of human interaction.

Open space is an authentic dialogue where every participant has equal right to express their opinion, propose topics and discuss them during working-group sessions. Although no one leads the small groups, the work goes on and gives feasible effects. It is very democratic and participant-driven meeting methodology that helps individuals, groups and organizations to become more effective in finding answers and solutions to problems. Sometimes open space is called un-conference because there is no agenda and everyone can contribute.

PAM Summit Open Space Conference

After welcoming and presenting topic of the conference: “How to deal with requirements – in classical, agile or in any other way?” our Key Note Speakers Mark Smalley and Allan Kelly make introductory speeches and the open space facilitator will explain the method’s principles and collect subjects and issues from attendees they view as important and likely to benefit the project. In this way the “agenda” is created. The discussions (sessions) are scheduled in 60 minutes time slots and are conducted simultaneously in the pre-arranged spaces. On the basis of each of these, a report of findings is produced , which will later be available to all of the attendees.
Open space in a nutshell:

  • self-driven participant meetings without agenda, un-conference
  • participants choose topics to be discussed during small-group sessions
  • flexibility to switch anytime between groups if topics are not interesting anymore
  • written reports/findings of each working group available to anyone after the conference.

See you soon!
PAM Summit Crew

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And here we come again!

Lets meet in Krakow on 20.-21. June in Stara Zajezdnia and deal with requirements! – But how? In classical, agile or in any other way? We have prepared for you:
  • few names you probably know: Mark Smalley, Allan Kelly, Bogdan Bereza, Marcin Żmigrodzki, Jerzy Stawicki
  • few facts we want you to know: it will be participant driven meeting – open space conference combined with workshops
More details coming soon – stay tuned!

PAM Summit 2016 registration soon to be opened!

Registration soon to be opened! For the time being the Project Team is working full steam to deliver the best in class conference. Currently we are in Call for Papers phase as well as finalizing the form of the event.

Stay tuned. More info is coming shortly.

Registration for PAM Summit 2014 is now open!

Hope you have been waiting for this as much as we did 🙂

We have now opened the registration process for PAM Summit in June.


We have 2 days for you like last year, however this time those two days are 2 separate event.

  • First day – 23rd June, full day of interesting speeches with great speakers from all around Europe.

Do you remember Sander Hoogendoorn from last year’s workshop? You will have a chance to see him on the big stage this year with interesting topic of Project Managers in agile projects.

Prices? We again have Super Early Birds tickets for you, now available until 15th April.

Location? Stara Zajezdnia DeSilva (same as last year).

  • Second day – 24th June, full day workshops with different speakers and trainers, mostly from first day. Our special guest – Arie van Bennekum. Moreover Ewa Malia, Sander Hoogendoorn, Hans deVries and 2 more! More details about workshops coming soon – stay tuned!

Prices? Different for each workshops, two are now available and the rest will be by 24th March.

Location? Qubus hotel in the heart of Krakow.

Need some more information? Contact PAM Summit Crew – we will help!

PAM Summit 2013 Participants

Curious who was at the PAM Summit last year? Below a small statistic. Be with us this year and meet them all. Which group do you fall into? PAMSummit2013Participants

Become a speaker! or recommend one

pam_00088 Join the world’s greatest speakers on PAM Summit! Or recommend someone you admire the most. Check out the speakers and topics from PAM 2013. Send us application to until March 29th, 2014.

PAM Summit 2014

CaptureDo you have already plans for the end of June? We are waiting for you in Cracow on 23th at lectures and on 24th at amazing workshops. Make sure you will be there at PAM Summit 2014! Stay tuned for more information. 

What are the Characteristics of Admired Project Managers and Admired Business Analysts? – Survey

What are the Characteristics of Admired Project Managers and Admired Business Analysts?Over a hundred thousand people have completed the checklist for the Characteristics of Admired Leaders in the last 30 years. You are invited to complete a checklist that uses the same characteristics but asks you to apply them to what you see as the key Characteristics of an Admired Project Manager and an Admired Business Analyst.The checklist is based on the Characteristics of an Admired Leader © 1980-2013, James M. Kouzes & Barry Z. Posner. The results will also allow us to compare and contrast the admired characteristics of Project Managers and Business Analysts with each other and those of Leaders.Please complete these short questionnaires (takes 5 minutes each) by selecting 7 attributes you would look for in either an Admired Project Manager or an Admired Business Analyst. This research will provide new and useful information about how the professions see themselves, will be discussed at the keynote on Meeting the Leadership Challenge in Projects. It will also be useful to compare the results with over 800 responses to the Characteristics of Admired Business Analysts.Characteristics of an admired Project ManagerCharacteristics of an admired Business Analyst Thank you!PAM Summit Crew

One Day Workshop with Agile Manifesto co-author

Arie van BennekumWould you like to take part in One Day Workshop with Agile Manifesto co-author?We are pleased to invite you for One Day workshops with Arie van Bennekum – “Agile project Management workshop with a co-author of the Agile Manifesto”.Workshop will take place on 12.06.2013 in Kossak Hotel and is paid separately to the conference.The cost is 900 PLN (gross). Please contact us if you are interested in participation: . Workshop is conducted fully in english.You can find an abstract of the Workshop in the PDF file.  

Discussion Barrels?

1Are you wondering what the discussion barrels are? In our special venue we have 7 round tables, which look like a barrel and have a keg of beer in the middle, so we are planning to have open discussions with speakers in these “barrels”. Check out the pictures and link to the